Our Plastic-repair-kit.

Plastoclip 2.0 is the world’s first battery-operating tool to repair all kind of plastic parts. By melting in clips of stainless steel in plastic, there is now a comfortable and continuative way to repair damage parts. In its handling as well as in its procedural method, the Plastoclip 2.0 System is characterized by three innovative aspects: the battery operating system, better accessibility by using angled pieces of adapters and LED lights as well as adjustable power settings. By using the PLASTOCLIP 2.0, which is a totally new way to repair, you have a more cost-effective, sustainable and easier repair on different pieces of plastic like bumpers, headlamps, indicator and so forth. The performance of the battery is designed to melt in more than 300 clips without charging PLASTOCLIP 2.0. Nevertheless you can also use it with the charging cable.


  • Easy to handle

  • Wide area of application

  • PLASTOCLIP 2.0 reaches the optimal temperature

  • Adjustable power settings

  • Long life battery (rechargeable)

  • Network-independence

  • No errors of the PDC

  • OEM approvals

  • Better accessibility by using different adapters

  • LED light


  • PLASTOCLIP 2.0 unit

  • PLASTOCLIP 2.0 Accessoriekit

    • 25 x M-Clip

    • 25 x S-Clip

    • 25 x U-Clip

    • 25 x V-Clip

    • 25 x W-Clip

  • Battery charger

  • Case with inlay

  • Operating instructions


Power: 15W / 11.25 W
Voltage: 2,4 V
Adjustment levels: 2 pcs
Operation: Rechargeable battery / network-independent
Capacity (battery): ca. 300 Clips (15W / full charged)
Battery charger: 12V DC / 0.5 Amp
Charging time: max. 5 h (fully discharged)

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