Spacer Kit Plastoclip

Regulation of melting depth of stell clips in plastic parts.

With the aid of the spacer kit, you’re able to melt in stainless steel clips in plastic parts with millimeter precision. Furthermore this solution is characterized by an elimination of penetration depth of the clips. This technical and uncomplicated solution obtains a very high efficiency and is open to a new broad field of application in all areas. An important advantage is the lowtraining expense, where by a continuously high quality of the repair is guaranteed. As there is less needed regarding tools, material usage and preliminary work (1. Clean, 2. Use of Primers, 3. Ventilating). Thus the repair process is more efficient and much faster. Exterior use: Easy Mountening of cables and hoses behind the bumper by using special clips (U-Clip). Another application is to mount of the PDC holder. Interior use: Reparation of a damaged flap of a headlight.


  • Easy handling

  • Milllimeter-precise control of themelting-depth

  • Good value

  • No loss of quality

  • Suitable for exterior and interior

  • Especially devoloped for your Plastoclip


  • Spacer, long version

  • Spacer, short version

  • adapter, short

  • adapter, long

  • adapter, 45°

  • adapter, 90°


Adapter ø: 4 mm
Adjustment: 1 mm

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