Flatpad-Set System

Easy panel repairing system with pads.

Flatpad is a new developed panel repair system. The system works on air pressure with special produced pillows. The pads are made out of special vulcanized rubber which is oil resistant, reinforced with Kevlar fibres. Damages in deck lids, doors or quarter panels can be removed by placing the pillows behind the damage and inflate it with the special air gun.


  • Extensive dent removal

  • Economy-priced dent repair

  • Work quicker

  • Paintless dent removal for PDR techs

  • Easy to handle

  • As a supplement to Flatliner Full-System


  • 1 Flatpad, L

  • 1 Flatpad, M

  • 1 Flatpad, S

  • 1 case

  • 2 wooden plates

  • Edged pressure tool


Material: Natural rubber strenghened with Kevlar fabric
Working pressure : max. 5 bar
temperature-resistant (quickly) : up to 130°
Dimensions FLATPAD S: 120 x 100 mm
Travel FLATPAD S: ca 50 mm
Dimensions FLATPAD M: 200 x 150 mm
Travel FLATPAD M: ca 85 mm
Dimensions FLATPAD L: 250 x 200 mm
Travel FLATPAD L: ca 105 mm

 Downloads for Flatpad-Set System

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