Granule Jet Blasting Device PG 5-8

Removing carbonized material quick and easy.

The PG 5-8 Granule Jet Blasting Device is designed for removing carbonized material from the inlet channel and the inlet valves in combustion engines. A big advantage is the operation with walnut shell granule. It is organic and does not damage the motor compartment. After cleaning, the granule gets exhausted without any residues. The inlet channel and the inlet valves were cleaned — without any chemical auxiliaries. Due to the safety valve the maximal pressure can not exceeded. We recommend to wear protective clothes.

The granule jet blasting device is used to treat the surface of a metal using a jet of granules. Compressed air is used to propel the blast medium. A pressure regulator for adjusting the air pressure with integrated water separator is included in the delivery.

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  • Quick and effective removal of carbonized material.

  • No use of chemical auxiliaries.

  • Simple use and sustainable results.

  • No electric power consumption, PG 5-8 works with compressed air.

  • Suitable vacuum adapters depending on the motor type

  • Different blasting lances are included in this package


  • Granule container

  • Hose package with handle

  • Vacuum adapter 90°

  • Vacuum adapter 250 mm

  • Blasting lance, straight

  • Blasting lance, angled

  • O ring

  • Manual


Length (without hose): appr. 290 mm
Width (without hose): appr. 280 mm
Heigth (without hose): appr. 610 mm
Container volume: 5 l
Weigth: 16 kg
Hose length: 4 m
Operating pressure : 6 - 8 bar
Made in : Germany
Manufacturer: TKR

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